Jersey Driving LicencePèrmîns Jèrriais d’Cachi

Do I need a driving licence?

You must hold a valid licence to drive a motor vehicle of any class or description on a road.

You must have a Jersey driving licence if you are a permanent resident of Jersey and wish to drive a motor vehicle of any description.

Can I drive on a foreign licence?

You may drive the relevant class of vehicle for up to 12 months from your last date of entry into Jersey if you are

  • resident outside Jersey and
  • only visiting Jersey temporarily and
  • you hold a full (not provisional) up to date non-Jersey driving permit and/or licence

You may NOT drive on Jersey on a foreign licence if

  • you leave your address outside Jersey and move to an address on Jersey OR
  • you take a permanent job on Jersey

Please contact your Parish Hall if you need further advice.

How do I apply for a Jersey driving licence?

Application forms are available from your Parish Hall. You may also apply online to renew a full Jersey driving licence or to replace a full driving licence which has been lost, stolen, destroyed or defaced.

A driving licence is issued for one or more Vehicle Categories. To apply for a Jersey licence you

  • must be a permanent resident of Jersey
  • have attained the appropriate age for the vehicle category
  • provide one colour passport size photograph which meets the specification
  • from 1/1/2024 pay £70 for a 10-year driving licence or £30 for a provisional licence
  • provide a medical report if
    • you are making a first application for a category C or category D licence
    • you are over 45 years of age on the date of application and you are applying to renew a category C large goods vehicle; CE articulated vehicle and/or D or DE large passenger carrying vehicle licence
    • you have a medical condition which has worsened since your last driving licence was granted or you suffer from certain medical conditions [see application form/link with list]
    • please note that amended medical standards will apply to all licence applications from 5 October 2024 and a medical certificate must be provided for categories C1, C1E, D1 and D1E as well as categories C, CE, D and DE if you are 45 years or older on the date of renewal. For further information see

You must surrender your existing driving licence when you apply for a licence to

  • add new categories or renew one or more categories
  • change a provisional licence for a full licence when you pass your test
  • exchange a foreign licence for a Jersey licence
  • remove expired endorsements or suspension details
  • change your photograph
  • replace a defaced licence

A driving licence is valid for ten years and costs £70 (from 1/1/2024). Certain categories may be valid for less than ten years as they expire when you are 66 and must be renewed each year after that age. If you are adding a category or renewing one or more categories which will be valid for less than ten years your Parish will tell you the cost of the licence.

Your driving licence may contain restriction codes, for example if you have a medical condition or an adapted vehicle. An explanation of these codes is available on

Can I exchange a foreign licence?

We can exchange some foreign driving licences for a Jersey licence ( for details) but

  • Not all categories on your foreign licence may be exchangeable
  • Only some countries offer a reciprocal agreement to exchange a Jersey driving licence when you move back to that country

If a reciprocal agreement is NOT available you will have to

  • Pass the prescribed test of that country when you return to live there OR
  • Apply for a provisional Jersey driving licence, pass the Jersey theory and practical driving tests; if you apply for a provisional Jersey driving licence your foreign driving licence is no longer valid to drive on Jersey

Provisional licences

A provisional licence is valid for six months and costs £30 (from 1/1/2024).

A provisional licence is granted so that you may learn to drive a motor vehicle with a view to passing a test. You will usually be refused a second provisional licence if you fail to attempt your driving test within six months without good cause.

Your provisional licence is subject to conditions. These are explained when your licence is issued and include

  • a moped or light motorcycle (or a heavy motorcycle following a period of disqualification) provisional licence is not valid until you obtain a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate. Apply for CBT course online with the Jersey School of Motorcycling Ltd.
  • when you drive a vehicle you must be under the supervision of a person who
    • has attained the age of 21 years and
    • is present in the vehicle and
    • holds and has held for at least 3 years a licence (not being a provisional licence) to drive a vehicle of the same category as the vehicle you are driving.

The practical test pass certificate for a category of vehicle is valid for 5 years but you may only drive unaccompanied for one week on your provisional licence so please apply promptly for your full driving licence.

Duplicate driving licences

A duplicate licence may be issued if your driving licence has been

  • lost
  • stolen
  • destroyed or
  • defaced

You may apply online or at your Parish Hall. The duplicate licence will be valid for the same period as the licence which it replaces.

Change of address

You must notify the Parish within 7 days if you change your address. You can do this

We will update your record. You keep your existing driving licence.

If you are moving away from Jersey you can complete an online form to notify your Parish, States of Jersey departments and your GP surgery (optional). For more information and the online form please take a look at

Change of name

You must notify the Parish within 7 days if you change your name. You can do this

You will need to provide proof of your change of name, a passport type photograph taken within the last six months and surrender your driving licence. If you are using the online service you will also need to provide a sample signature. We will issue a new licence free of charge in your new name.

Suspension or Revocation of a driving licence and appeals

A driving licence may be suspended or revoked if the parohcial authority is satisfied, following a medical examination or driving assessment, that a person is no longer fit to drive.

There is a right of appeal to the Royal Court.

Notice of intention to appeal must by given to the parochial authority and an application submitted to the Viscount (the form is in Schedule 4 of the Royal Court Rules 2004).

Subject Access Request (SAR)

Use this form to make a Subject Access Request (driving licence).