Honorary Police OfficersOfficièrs d’la Police Honorifique


The following police powers are specifically reserved to Centeniers:

  • granting bail;
  • charging persons with offences (subject to overriding powers of the Attorney General) and presenting accused persons before court;
  • conducting parish hall inquiries into alleged offences.

One of the Centeniers is appointed by the Connétable as the Chef de Police for the Parish in accordance with the Honorary Police (Jersey) Regulations 2005 (jerseylaw). A Centenier should be prepared, if so requested, to serve as Chef de Police. Such a person will demonstrate the ability to lead and manage the Honorary Police team and must be a person of ability, not just length of service. The Chef de Police will be a person who plays a full and active role as a Centenier and is therefore able to lead and direct his/her officers.

Centeniers are elected at a public election within the Parish.

Elections for Centeniers are held every 9 months. The next elections will be in June 2022, March 2023, December 2023, September 2024.


Vingteniers are elected by the Parish Assembly to serve a Vingtaine in that Parish (or a Cueillette in St Ouen) but do not have to live within that Vingtaine (or Cueillette).

Besides their policing functions, the Vingteniers are also involved in the maintenance of roads in the Vingtaines. They undertake the collection of penalties levied pursuant to a visite du branchage under the Loi (1914) sur la Voirie. Traditionally they have also dealt with the licensing of dogs and the collection of the Parish rates. In practice the exact nature of these duties may vary from Parish to Parish.

Constable’s Officers

The Parish Assembly elects Constables Officers to a Vingtaine in that Parish (or a Cueillette in St Ouen) but the officer does not have to live within that Vingtaine (or Cueillette). These officers assist the Centeniers and Vingteniers of the Parish with general policing matters.

Could you serve or assist your employees to serve?

Better challenged, more fulfilled staff make better-motivated employees. Honorary Police Officers bring new skills to the workplace. Some employers, including the States of Jersey, allow employees “special leave” to undertake Honorary Police duties during normal working hours.

Find out more: contact the Connétable or Chef de Police of your Parish for further information.